Children’s Church

The purpose of Children’s Church is to provide our youth with age appropriate learning during the worship service. Children’s Church is for children in grades K-8. The youth begin in the worship service and are then dismissed after praise and worship. Children’s Church meets in each Sunday except for the 2nd Sunday, which is youth Sunday.


January 04, 2015 Prayer – How Should We Pray?  Spiritual Life
  January 11, 2015 Prayer – The Purpose of Prayer  Spiritual Life
  January 18, 2015 The Miracles of Jesus – Water into Wine  New Testament
  January 25, 2015 The Miracles of Jesus – Raising of Lazarus  New Testament
  February 01, 2015 Lessons on Obedience – Worship Only God (Golden Calf)  New Testament
  February 08, 2015 Lessons on Obedience – Take God at His Word (Jonah)  Old Testament
  February 15, 2015 Lessons on Obedience – Obey God Completely (Saul)  Old Testament
  February 22, 2015 Lessons on Obedience – Doing What is Right (Samson)  Old Testament
  March 01, 2015 Lessons on Obedience – Pride Gets in the Way (Babel)  Old Testament
  March 08, 2015 Lessons on Obedience – Don’t Reject God’s Call (Balaam)  Old Testament
  March 15, 2015 Lessons on Obedience – Defeating the Enemy (Gideon)  Old Testament
  March 22, 2015 Easter Series – The First Communion  Holidays
  March 29, 2015 Easter Series – Death on a Cross  Holidays
  April 05, 2015 Easter Series – The Resurrection  Holidays
  April 12, 2015 When Trouble Comes – Jesus Understands  Spiritual Life
  April 19, 2015 When Trouble Comes – God Protects Us  Spiritual Life
  April 26, 2015 When Trouble Comes – God Helps Us Grow  Spiritual Life
  May 03, 2015 When Trouble Comes – We Can Help One Another  Spiritual Life
  May 10, 2015 Special Holidays – Honor Your Mother  Holidays
  May 17, 2015 Armor of God – Full Armor of God  Spiritual Life
  May 24, 2015 Seeking Wisdom – A Very Wise King  Old Testament
  May 31, 2015 Teachings from Jesus – Who is the Greatest?  New Testament