Deacon Board

Chairman: Deacon Stanley Boyd

The Deacon Ministry at Spring Street Missionary Baptist Church are, first and foremost, saved believers in the risen Christ and witnesses of the truthfulness of the Word of God. They work closely with church auxiliaries and ministries to advise, administer, and assist in all church business. They administer the feast of Communion. The Deacons are also responsible for visiting the sick as well as receiving and evaluating requests for aide from impoverished members.

The deacon ministry is composed of men that are ordained to their work according to Acts 6:1-8 and I Timothy 3:8-13. Deacons assist the pastor in providing the communion, leading the prayer meetings and resolving disputes between members of the church. Deacons are responsible for 1) promoting Christian spiritual growth and the church ministries to the membership and community; and 2) providing for the ordinances and aiding in their administration.

In the qualifications of a deacon in I Timothy 3, Paul concludes with these words, “Those who have served as deacons obtained for themselves a high standing” (3:13 NASB). Paul and Jesus emphasize that when a deacon serve well, he will be given greatness, leadership, influence, and respect by those who receive his ministry. Paul also stated that the deacon will obtain great confidence in faith that is in Christ Jesus. This confidence comes because we recognize that God is working in our lives to help other people.

The Spring Street Deacon Ministry currently consist of Andrew Henderson, Howard McKnight, Stanley Vass, Albert Jefferson, Stanley Boyd, William Gibbs, & Charlie Marable Jr.